Hi I just registered because this site looks helpful and informative.

I'm new in testing and currently working on my first job as a tester (mobile applications etc..) Tools I'm using is QC v10.0, Rumba Desktop v8.1 and Device Anywhere. I am learning a lot in my current job but I have one question. I've been getting some calls from recruiters looking for people that has PeopleSoft background. I've used this software before when I was working with Sprint as a Sales rep. I see there online training courses for PeopleSoft. I'm really confused because they are so many modules to choose from. As a software tester (manual), which PeopleSoft course do I take? I was thinking of CRM because it seems pretty general. How does it apply to testing? Is it just testing the PeopleSoft software altogether? I hope I didn't confuse anyone with my questions. [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]