Hello Everyone,

I've got a question that has thus far stumped me and someone mentioned that I might give this forum a shot at helping to point me in the right direction. So here goes...

I'm trying to find out what the norm is for E2E testing within the telecommunications arena (specifically LTE). For example, Company A has created a pre-production E2E environment that integrates Network and IT. This allows Company A the ability to run full "quote to cash" testing that encompasses everything from quoting the customer a price, to provisioning a device, to generating usage and producing a bill.

From what I have seen, several companies claim to have full E2E testing in this manner, but what I find is that many of them are using emulators to simulate their Network involvment. Would the true integration of Network and IT be considered an accomplishment of merit or is this something that all Telecommunications companies are likely doing?

Strange question, but I appreciate any and all responses. Thank you!