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    Delivery of Bug Fixes

    Hi all,

    How are you addressing the delivery of bug fixes to your customers? Do you require them to wait for a service pack? Do you put together a package that QA delivers to the customer?

    We are currently giving customers a package of schema and the updated version of the EXE for them to deploy on their system. The challenge with this method is that customer's are not always applying the changes to their test system and then they have major problems and start coming back to QA to help fix the issues they are having. My QA Department is very short staffed and is buried with many projects. For them to take the time to try and fix a problem the customer is having puts them behind the delivery of any other code.

    I want us to provide the best customer service possible, but this situation hurts us in many ways. We're trying to get the code out to satisfy the customer, but if there is other fallout from the delivered code then the current customer is unhappy and so are any other customers waiting for bug fixes/custom code delivery.

    I was thinking of hiring someone to start as a code delivery person, but our software is extremely complex. There's now way for any one person to know all aspects of the software.

    How do you address code delivery?

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    Re: Delivery of Bug Fixes

    When the Customer calls ask them "have you installed the latest service packs?" Or if you keep track of versions ask what the version number is.

    What you are encountering is pretty normal for complex products, I've found in the past it's helped to diplomatically check what the Customers have installed then suggest they update. If not, you may want to ask why, which may lead to even further questions as to why Customers are encountering problems, or maybe not installing the updates.
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    Re: Delivery of Bug Fixes

    Hey michaeljf. Thanks for your reply.

    QA is contacting the customer after they have tested the fix and letting them know it is ready and that they should apply it to a test system first. We have the version number that they were currently on and we can build large consolidated patches that will upgrade their schema. Most often when this happens there's fallout elsewhere in the application.

    Another thought I had was to, at the tester's discretion, have them notify the customer that the fix is available, but if it's too complex then not send the fix, but to tell them they have to upgrade to the next available service packs. The issue with this though can be that the last service pack in 4 months ago and since then the application in question has had a large number of schema changes.

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    Re: Delivery of Bug Fixes

    Can't you just push the upgrade after hours and notify them that when they access the application again, it will automatically upgrade? That way all users will be current.
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    Re: Delivery of Bug Fixes

    [ QUOTE ]
    How are you addressing the delivery of bug fixes to your customers? Do you require them to wait for a service pack? Do you put together a package that QA delivers to the customer?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    It depends. There will be requirements around this, and they differ across domains and across app types. The ITIL Service Design model is really good at driving out these requirements. Look at the requirements for your market, before starting to think about the solutions...



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