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    how to spell check in a software

    hi i am working as a Senior QA Engineer in the product based company. how we can find out the spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes in a software.is there any tool available?

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    Re: how to spell check in a software

    The text present in software would always be mentioned in requirement doc. So while executing the test case which checks for the presence of the text in the software, you should check for spelling as well.
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    Re: how to spell check in a software

    All the messages/text not present in the requirement documnet. is there any way to spell check in application.

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    Re: how to spell check in a software

    I use the old fashioned copy and paste into Word and spell check there.
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    Re: how to spell check in a software

    Why not someone to read the text? Good people are better than tools (even Word!) at checking spelling and grammar.

    You could tackle this by extracting the text from the s/w, pre-build. Depending on the technology and implementation, all the text might be neatly separately filed [it will be there, but maybe only accessible with a lot of effort]. If so, you might be able to extract it and run it through a spell check. It would be context free though not a great test. I used to work on a system where all the text was given an ID, then there was a file with the ID, language ID and English text in it. Wed extract the English text, get it translated into foreign languages and reimport it with the new language ID. This was quick and dirty the quality wasnt great. Im explaining it, because something similar will be possible to spell check. The effort you need to extract it might make it unsuitable.

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    Re: how to spell check in a software

    1. You could try to extract messages directly from source code - a decent regexp knowledge required.

    2. If your testing tool has some kind of events system you could implement in event a check which looks for a specified property of object (e.g.: "Text") and extract its content to a file. I've implemented such solution once in Test Complete on C++ application for exactly same purpose as here.

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    Re: how to spell check in a software

    Check out this for spell checker tools and various articles related to this topic




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