It has been awhile since I was here. I have recently changed job, of coz, another QA role. This time, things are much different and I want to share my experience here.

Recall my previous job is a traditional QA lead in a bank, meaning we are attached to the development team. We prepared test cases, test estimates, performed execution and provided summary, and finally adviced sign-offs before it would roll out to UAT and production etc etc...

My current role is more challenging, I am now a sole QA in the front office, sitting in the trading floor. The software are being developed by the "back office" from a different geographical location, we do have 2 dev in here mainly doing 2nd lvl support, while majority (about 40) are in other offices.

If you are familiar with banking system then you know if it is really an integration of many differetn components - OMS, Trading Front end, position manager, rate services, reconciliation, risk management etc etc... Although the system is well built and all in-house (the only vendor app will be decomissioned soon), things do change very very FAST! There are very few documentation and most ideas are from their head.

My role is no longer a "tradition" QA, I am asked to configure the offshore application in the QA environment, quickly (barely) tested it and provide upgrade procedures to operations. There are few test automation, because software are configured in a specific way that are being changed quite often.

I think I am doing rasonably OK at the moment, because I do have a stronger technical background than an average QA, along with in-depth financial education. But things are definitely not easy.

Some challenges I have are:
* I was not given enough time to test before UAT/Production rollout, but due to the nature of this company, this is encouraged and there are production issues often, or is it because we are lacking the concept of QA?
* But even if they have given me enough time to test, many things will be missed during testing because the system is configured in a specific way that are changed often, the business requirements are in people's head.

Any suggestions how I can improve the quality of the system? One thing in my mind is I can "feed" more test cases to the off-shore QA team, so they can do more testing with our local configuration... I am thrilled with this new challenge and love to hear your feedback at the same time :-)