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    Tests outsourcing its good idea ?

    Hi everyone

    I need advice. I'm developer we are very small company and dont have any QA. We thinking about outsourcing maybe someone have some experience or suggest to do it well ?

    I now maybe this is stupid question and I should read before but for me opinion from people who live from it is better.

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    Re: Tests outsourcing its good idea ?

    Hire some contractors to do the work in-house.
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    Re: Tests outsourcing its good idea ?


    Are you wondering about outsourcing just test automation? Or, all of QA?

    I don't know anything about your company, but in my experience, the closer a company holds its core competencies, the better.

    In my opinion, software companies should never outsource development or test. Software development is what they need to be good at, and testing is one important aspect.

    Since your company has in-house (rather than outsourced) developers, I suspect you are best served by in-house QA as well.

    Companies who, at their core, are not software companies may have more luck with having others do their development and testing. Not ideal, but possible.
    Joe Strazzere
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    Re: Tests outsourcing its good idea ?

    That makes sense if you have wide and clear requirement specifications. I wouldn't also recommend you to outsource the quality assurance of 2b2 products as you are charged with the commitments given to the customer anyway but not your outsource partners are.

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    Re: Tests outsourcing its good idea ?

    As others have said keeping the QA close is more efficient than outsourcing, tight time lines can make having in house QA more streamlined without the delays of working with outside resources.

    Another thing to consider is do you have clear requirements? How can you tell them what to test if you cannot give them clear direction on what it is supposed to do. At least if they are there with you they can ask questions and work closely to determine what they they are looking at (I am going on the assumption that you do not have good requirements since that is very common)

    Just a couple of things to think about. I am not saying it cannot be done but for it to be successful there is a lot more work involved than just tossing it over wall to an outside entity and a lot of people do not understand what it takes to make it work.

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    Re: Tests outsourcing its good idea ?

    In-house gets my vote.

    Outsourcing can be very time-consuming and expensive if done badly.

    If done well great! but you still lose a lot of the QA skills/knowledge when the contract ends.


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    Re: Tests outsourcing its good idea ?

    I totally agree with every one's comment on Core competencies.

    But that's not easy & would probably take more time & cost to build competency, than to outsource & make it work. And definitely not the right choice, if you are planning to outsource in the near future.

    My suggestion would be to have a mix. You could hold the test management and leave the rest to the vendor. If the duration is long enough, then you could increase your share & cut down the vendor's share gradually.

    I have seen service level based agreements, with a penalty clause, to make the vendor deliver, what they promise.(Referring to comments by Scott & Alexey)

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    Re: Tests outsourcing its good idea ?

    For more information, do check out:
    Is Outsourcing Right for You?
    Kind regards,
    Anand Tambey

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    Re: Tests outsourcing its good idea ?

    But when you read that material, remember that it is at the web site of a company that PROVIDES outsourcing solutions, so it is hardly likely to be unbiased.

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    Re: Tests outsourcing its good idea ?

    [ QUOTE ]
    so it is hardly likely to be unbiased

    [/ QUOTE ]
    I think this is one of those issues its hard NOT to be.

    Yet, this is also one of those situations where what works for you is not going to work for someone else. If you have strong communication and can tell others what you are working on, enough so they can understand and test it, then you are probably ready. Still, its a matter of perspective, does having in-house QA work better with your project than an out-of-the-house group?

    Only you know.
    - M

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