I'm looking for a tool...

That will capture all process/service/performance monitor related data, each (8) core, basic latency and disk usage, and have it round out nicely into a variety of live windows.
(60 minute view)
(48 hour view)
(14 day view)

We used to use Paessler's PRTG Traffic Grapher with the SNMP Helper Pro add-in. Recently they've discontinued the SNMP support, which now makes the graphing tool slightly less useful.

We do use Windows Server 2008 Performance Monitor, which is great for live data, but not so great with quickly access data from a few hours ago, a week ago, or 3 months ago. (Track on a build/build or release/release) basis.

We would like to see the live graph poll at 5 sec intervals, and be able to show more than a buck 23 into the past.

We concentrate on each of our own server services, watching memory/cpu/thread count and such...

Just looking for any tool suggestion that someone could point out.