I am all "Google`d out" and need to find a solution that performs the following (open source is my preference)...

Display hosts/infrastructure (in a nice GUI/web page)
Check status (ping etc)
Allow reservations/tags (human/test app can enum status)

Cacti/Nagios/Fedora Beaker/Google autotest/sun gridengine all seem to have separate components that I would want, but don't seem to have that as a native function where its all glued together.

There must be something out there but I cant find anything. Any help would be appreciated as using email\wiki`s is driving me up the wall !!!

Rough Work-flow:

test case(s) (JSON/YAML/SQL)
test requirements (JSON/YAML/SQL)
resource requirements (JSON/YAML/SQL)
resource broker <---> test runner ----> Results(SQL)
{host must be of type x}
{switch must have subnet y}
{storage must be of type z}
{all must be alive}
{global view/dashboard for humans}

TIA !!!!!!