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    LinkeIn Groups

    I've noticed LinkedIn Groups for testing jobs seems to be getting more & more popular.

    Anyone else using this method to keep up with current offerings?


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    Re: LinkeIn Groups

    I don't join a lot of LinkedIn groups but I have noticed an increase in the jobs being advertised. The only problem I see is that the jobs tend to be scattered all around geographically.
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    Re: LinkeIn Groups

    I joined one "general tech" group and from the emails I'm getting they are a vehicle for spam - too many of the notices are just links to blog info/rants about jobs in tech not job adverts themselves.

    I also joined an alumni group from one company/industry - that one seems to keep to the subject.

    "Participation" in these groups appears to be like most things in the web-world ... you have to know what your getting yourself into and when to get out (and use a separate email address just in case).



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