It seems all the publications I look at have more to do with the business end of things, who is buying who and what the stock market is doing. I am also not really interested in what's going on with unix, linux, apple and i-everything except in the most general way.

What I'm looking for would tell me about pc software, like freeware which I wouldn't think of looking for, but are great ideas and come in handy. Logmein is the best example of this. Also articles that would tell me that Vista is horrible and Windows 7 is useful and Windows 10 is coming along.

Something that is updated monthly would be about right. It seems the ones that update more frequently have to start talking about the minutia of particular software packages because they need to fill up space.

So... that's what I'm looking for, I don't imagine it is out there.

What do you read and what do you recommend?

How do you stay current without surfing the net all day?

And how do you know that Windows 10 is coming without checking the Microsoft pages daily?