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    Newbie question – Need a screen “data recorder”

    We have a few applications in production which contain some bugs (OK, who doesn’t). The problem is we can’t seem to replicate the bugs in the lab. I would like to know if there is a screen capture utility that we can place on the end user’s machine which contains the following features:

    1) Start up with user log on and/or with a select program.
    2) Record the last “X” minutes of use or “X” number of screens and then overwrite the oldest data. Similar to an aircraft “black box”.
    3) The program must capture all screen actions; pop-up windows, mouse movements, drop down menus, etc. and saves it to a file.

    Optional features:
    1.) Auto compress and send the file when it recognizes an error.

    That is the basics of what we are looking for. All the recording tools I have reviewed can capture everything but they do no limit the duration of the recording. We will most likely set the overwrite threshold at 30 minutes.

    The idea is that when a user reports an error the helpdesk can retrieve the recording and see what happened. Having the ability to play back a script is a “nice to have” but mostly we want to see what the user did to trigger the errors.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Re: Newbie question – Need a screen “data recorder

    Hi Bill,

    I haven't seen this kind of a tool, but not sure it is the best thing to do. Running such a utility in background would affect the performance of the system a lot and you may have compatibility issues with other applications user may have.

    Have you considered the possibility of adding a log/trace function to your product (for most of the product this is not too difficult - or you may have it already)?


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    Re: Newbie question – Need a screen “data recorder


    We have thought about the performance impact and due to the nature of our software (multiple large applications distributed through 1200 branches) adding a log/trace function is not something the development group wants to do.

    We were thinking of running this "data recorder" only on select, high performance PC's in an effort to limit the impact.

    Thanks for the comments, if we can't find something, we might just have to open the code again.

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    Re: Newbie question – Need a screen “data recorder

    Maybe you should seek out, and see if the Customer will install, a desktop recoding app. I think that was discussed here before but forget what it was, only problem with something like that where you may want to "see" what the Customer does on the desktop or app to make the error happen is whether or not they feel secure you recording everything they are doing.
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    Re: Newbie question – Need a screen “data recorder

    I just ran across this. Hope this helps.
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    Re: Newbie question – Need a screen “data recorder

    [ QUOTE ]
    I just ran across this. Hope this helps.

    [/ QUOTE ]
    Thanks Michael, we will look into that app.

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    Re: Newbie question – Need a screen “data recorder

    I've only come across this forum today, so apologies if my reply is too late.

    We use something called AppSight by BMC.

    It's exactly what you're looking for, a black box flight recorder for desktop applications.

    I don't work for BMC, but trust me, this is the daddy.

    The only thing is, it's not cheap - so it depends what price you put on catching and fixing bugs.



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