Hi guys,
Currently i was searching for the code coverage tool. and i found one named cobertura.

Which actually generates the instrumented classes from the original classes that mesaures the codecoverage.

So to check i did the following things.
1. I copied the instrumented classes and replace it with original classes on device.
2. Copy the cobertura.jar file on device and set it's path in classpath variable. ( requires to run instrumented classes)

And I restart my web server. But it didn't start properly and when i check the logs it shows that it is not able to fine the class "HasBeenInstrumented" which is inside the cobertura.jar.

So to verify i make the simple java file ( not a servlet) compile it and generate the instrumented class files.

And when i run using command java filename. it run successfully... but with servlets it shows me error.

so i think when tomcat loads the classed in its memory and executes it is not able to fine the cobertura.jar file.. but why ??? i have already set the classpath and simple java files runs successfully...

any comment ??? suggestion ???

I am using linux and Jakarta tomcat version 4.0.b7