I'm playing around with Fitnesse and even with all the documentation, Gojko's book on hand and even the Mugridge and Cunningham book with me I am having trouble getting my Fitnesse Suites to run the way I want. I can get a simple test for our web site running as long as its one page, no problems, but once I break it out into smaller components so I can insert more tests in the middle things break. Basically its a test of our web site, and I want to structure the suite so that the Login and Logout portions are in the SetUp and TearDown sections, with other tests added in between them.

I couldn't get this to work with Login and Logout within the SuiteSetUp and SuiteTearDown pages, they required me to use add in my fixtures for each page, and when it came to the second page would just generate Java errors. In trying this within the SetUp and TearDown sections I get the tests running, though there always seems to be an extra web browser launched that doesn't close right.

If anyone's done something like this before, I'd be curious how you did some of the structure, I think I'm missing something in the set up but the documentation doesn't seem to really cover what I am hitting.