Hi All.

I need to present to directors/managers on current trends in Software Quality Assurance. The groupís practices are dated and have not modified 20+ years, as they say ďWeíre stuck in the 80ís both with technology and practicesĒ. Additionally, QA is catch all for anything that does not fall into Requirements, design, coding.

I have some ideas on current trends to discuss (below); however, Iím lacking supporting documentation or lists of pros/cons from someone elseís perspective. Does anyone have any suggestions on material I might reference? Does anyone have suggestions on topics? The systems are for custom human resource software so nothing like uTest is applicable.

Some ideas on trends:
Adhering to a methodology such as Agile or CMMI.
Open source tools such as Bugzilla and Mantis (optional topic as we have Quality Center).

Best practices:
Involving QA in the SDLC (not just the resulting functionality).
Automation earlier in the process
Test Case Review
Traceability Matrix
QA Estimates
Defining Unit test/QA/UAT/system test.

I have a couple of books at home Iíve been using and some links for myself to research from the sqaforums such as:

Any other sources of information on these topics or other interesting topics would be appreciated!