Well just couple of minutes back,I had posted my thoughts on this post


and maybe some of the moderators may have not liked the reply what I had given( maybe they might have felt that it is not adding value to it)and they might have deleted it.I completely agree to this,they have all rights to do it.

This is what I had posted here

"I am sure your company has dedicated performance team and for some reasons your Delivery managers/practice group seems to pocket all the billing coming from performance activites,that could be one of the reason why they are insisting you for doing it manually.I would suggest you to go back to your manager and tell them thats without right process/training its not possible to give them any response time.
I would also suggest stay away from this activity if you are new to this else take some training before publishing your reports.I am sure you dont want to look foolish infront of your client. "

Let me explain the reason giving such a reason,I work in a company which provides software services,and I come across many times where person doing Performance testing has no idea what performance testing is all about,sometimes I have seen Managers/Team leads directing their teams to PT manually exactly the way this Poster wants to do.Now after further investigation I understand these these guys has been pushed to do PT by his managers/Team leads etc.So I investigate further with managers/Team leads and I understand that all these practice is generated by the Delivery guys/Functional testing guys who refuse to share the revenue with other teams.
I also hope persons who are in consulting business or are consultants understand what I am saying here.
I also refuse to believe that company which employs more than 2000+ professional does not have a Performance testing team in place.I personally know couple of them in this Poster's place.

Now this is what is coming to my mind,are we here to just say like "this is wrong ,please use xx tools or read yy books". We all know that it cannot be done just by reading books or learning tools in the matter of days.I think somewhere I am reading wrong regarding the real purpose of forums.Can someone tell what the real purpose of forums ?

All I have say here is by contributing to such a post,I am denying some worthy PT engineer his share of work.

I hope my writing is clear enough to understand.