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was just wondering if it's a European (specifically) Belgian thing that it seems difficult to hire resources within IS because candidates often hop off due to too low salaries or other missing advantages that would compensate a low pay.

Especially in this close-to-recession period, budgets are being cut and the money a company (non-IT, in my case) can spend on hiring resources gets lower and lower.

We might (or might not) consider to hire another QA Analyst / Tester at some stage (what a blessing that would be...)
It doesn't have to be a sophisticated high level profile; and that makes the candidate cheaper.

However, a (IMO strange) reason why they hesitate filing the vacancy is because they're afraid of not getting any candidates (it took us months to get a BA/PM profile). I'm using the argument that especially a low QA profile will be (a lot) cheaper then a PM/BA one but still.

Would it really still be a challenge to get someone with a profile like that on board? Problem is that that QA resource needs to be flexible and knowledgeable (or a quick learner) enough to do functional analysis on small projects (max 7 days of dev); as sometimes the test workload is too low to afford another dedicated FTE QA resource.

The last requirement might lead people to think that the person should be a BA with QA knowledge but I'd like to differ for multiple reasons; one of them being the fact that it'd probably make the candidate more expensive again. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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