Ok, here is the problem.

We have a web-based application which controls hardware (which is totally irrelevant). Anyway, it's a web app built using CSS. The problem I've encountered with it is that they are using set point sizes in their app. Now, the font size on my system is actually different than the font size on another.

Here's what we looked at.
1) Screen resolution
2) Windows system setting for font size
3) Browser settings to override the font settings
4) Performance settings

In the end, we figured we both have the exact same system setup, but the font size was still different. In FACT! If we both open the same font from the fonts difrectory, my 12-point font (and all others for that matter) are still bigger than his. Anyone ever come across this in config testing? Any ideas. I have pretty much ruled out the browser, and the above items because we already looked at them. Anywhere else I am missing?

Now, he went in and set the font sizes to a fixed pixel value, and that worked. However, it still leaves me with this lingering wondering on why point size didn't work.