Ok so I am new at this being a telecommunications/software engineer (rather than QA). However the small startup firm I recently joined doesn't have any QA team, so us engineers have to do it ourselves.

We are writing embedded software (a mixture of vhdl/C/asm) for a multicore CPU/DSP with a cycle accurate simulator (inter CPU comms is COMPILE time deterministic - makes things much easier).

We have no test management software, and it appears no one here has much idea about what to do. In my previous job I did quite a bit of interfacing with QA, but this was using C#/.Net/Mercury Test director etc (i.e. we actually had tools and processes...)

So my job is to implement some tools/process to help testing (functional, integration and system). The testing process will mainly involve using the simulator, with input/output files, and comparing the results to some reference output. this should be able to be automated (with either bash script or some other script). Also we will require manual testing with the actual target hardware, some of this can possibly also be automated with the right test harness/hardware.

Any recommendations for test management tool? It should run on linux, preferably free, store test cases/plans/scripts etc, handle running automatic and manual test cases, and provide some reporting. It should have a gui (webbased good)

We use subversion, Trac is coming (we don't have bug tracking software yet!!! don't ask...), other bug tracking software is possible (mantis or similar - IT guy doesn't like bugzilla. We do not need to test a GUI.

My findings so far
QaTrac - looks quite comprehensive, have to pay for reports. Maybe a bit overkill for what we need. No automation
DejaGnu - no gui/test result storage, just a test framework
Tetware - not sure
STAF - looks like another test framework rather than results manager etc.
Rth - looks clunky
XQual - in Beta, am starting to have a look.
TestRun - can't run automatic scripts.

Maybe its not possible to get OS test tool with GUI and automation. Maybe I need two tools?