I require some Suggestions Regarding Following Scenario.

We have Healthcare ERP and now our Team is doing the Migration from Oracle 9i to Oracle 10G

In Phase-1 the Up gradation Team doing following Tasks

o The Development Team written API in Java which convert the forms fmb into forms fmx (.exe) if any Problem occur i.e. any form is not converting from fmb to fmx than other option i.e. Compiling the forms in Oracle 10G is there. They are using both approaches.

o In Phase-1 no advance Feature of Oracle 10G is using.

o Discarding the old triggers and other options which are not workable in oracle 10G.

o Some basic layout changes so that in IE, Mozilla application layout showing correctly.

o Adopting the 3-tier Architecture i.e. Client, Application Server (Oracle Application Server), DB Server.

Once this Phase-1 Completes it will be tested thoroughly and right after the final Signoff the Application will be deployed on Client side.

Suggest some good Tool which helps me to do the Load or Performance testing because this is mandatory for all major modules specially OPD system usually more than 300 users access the OPD module daily for 9hours consecutively.

So in the Context of above mentioned scenario what best Approach should i apply. This Phase is some sort of easy but tricky one although using no advance feature of Oracle 10G is using it will be done in Phase-2. But still lot many thing I have to focus so that I do my Level best and Perform good Testing.