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    Spell checker tool


    Can anyone suggest me spell checker tool to check the Screen names and other data from the database table?

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Re: Spell checker tool

    well i m not sure of any tool but have an idea how u can do this. You can simply as follows:
    1. Using any tool, copy all the contents to be spelled checked into a Word document.
    2. Then using the tool itself, call MS Word Spell Check option.
    3. Automate it, till it gives message for completion of spell check.
    I knw its a silly way but in my application (made using BMC s/w) where emails have to be spell checked, this has been used.

    Wot u say of this idea?


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    Re: Spell checker tool

    good idear

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    Re: Spell checker tool

    Thanks Man!

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    Re: Spell checker tool

    In a well built application (especially those build to be multilingual), all Screen Labels, Messages etc., are not hard coded, but rather use pointers to values in a translation list.
    in addition to easy maintenance of the SW, you gain the ability to run automatic spell checking, seek for replaced values (such as in the case of company or application name has changed for some reason), etc.
    Simply by running a script which automatically extracts the values, and place the into MS-Word speller.
    We have used such a tool in the past, to spellcheck several languages including German & Chinese.



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