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    Live Chat Test Strategies and Challenges

    We are planning to host/non host(third pary host) based Live chat system and integratiing to our enterprise applications...

    I am not clear on the chatting will be 'many-many' relation ship. so that user can answer multiple questios etc. Our is Miscrosoft shop.

    Could you please share knowledge on Testing Strategy for validation of Live chat software, challenges, integration issues, tools, recommendations etc..

    Thank you all in advance.
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    Re: Live Chat Test Strategies and Challenges

    What kind of chat system are you using? Is it HTML/AJAX based or does it use another technology (such as Flash)?
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    Re: Live Chat Test Strategies and Challenges

    It is AJAX based.
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    Re: Live Chat Test Strategies and Challenges

    Since your chat client is AJAX based and running in a browser, you may be able to open several windows (either multiple windows in one browser, or in different browsers that you want to validate) and automate a conversation between them, or between the clients and your enterprise application. I'm guessing that there are a number of different tools that could work in this scenario.

    If you need to automate somewhat more realistic scenarios in which the chat clients are on different systems, you could take a look at our product, Eggplant, which can script interactions between multiple systems. I know that we've had customers use it for testing chat applications in the past, and we sometimes script a little chat conversation as a simple demo to show how a script can drive processes across different machines.
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