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    Approach of testing

    How to approach testing if there is no documents available no use cases,no functional requirement documents only application is there to test?

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    Re: Approach of testing

    I would say there will be no testing at first , Try to get atleast some knowledge about the application and playing arround.

    Get to know what they are trying to do and start preparing some functional test flows by userself.
    Try to follow the QA process don't start testing directly.

    This is what I would have done.

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    Re: Approach of testing

    Thanks Shiv for a quick reply. Can you please share your experience with me in this type of situation. Please let me How did you start gathering info for making a test plan?

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    Re: Approach of testing

    I never been in such a situation, how many people are there in QA team? If you’re the only person then start interacting with development team, sit with them and try to get the feel of the application.

    Imagine yourself as an end user who uses that application and start writing different functional flows.

    Search in the forum you will be getting some sample test case documents, have a look in to those and try to write test case in the same format or whatever you feel good.
    Make sure that your test case should be very simple and an understandable to a non-technical person or it should be in layman language.

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    Re: Approach of testing


    There are always requirements, even if they aren't written down.

    This may help: http://www.sqablogs.com/jstrazzere/9...uirements.html
    Joe Strazzere
    Visit my website: AllThingsQuality.com to learn more about quality, testing, and QA!

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    Re: Approach of testing

    Thanks Shiv,Joe for providing me source of knowledge. Now I can start working on my project from the scratch.
    Thanks Joe for the link that you have given. This is really helpful to understand and to start with.

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    Re: Approach of testing

    Joe has it correct, this is what I call "Gathering Requirements". Even if you have documentation, you STILL need to interview the developers, in your case its also a mainstay of what you need to do. Use this is as a way to hone those skills you need to discover what you will need to test, and get the information you require to do your job.
    - M

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    - Unknown

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    Re: Approach of testing

    This question I have been asked a lot of especially in an interview. And the answer (might be wrong) is do what you can with what you have. Even if there is no req's and no tech specs, there is ussually a buisness document to which cases can be made. Even a preliminary tech spec, or flow chart can be utilized to find out what the system is trying accomplish as an end result. Then with that knowledge I would try to find out what each screen of the application actually does. Next I would look to see if I could create cases for format and layout. Then try to diagnose data validation for each screen (Once you know the table structure of the database and the relation to the screens you can perform a lot of different tests) It is not a perfect solution, but you work with what you have.

    Also to note:
    Buisnes analyst is allways a great resource as they know what the application is supposed to accomplish.
    Russell Lowenstein
    Senior SQA Engineer

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    Re: Approach of testing

    Thanks Michael and Russell !
    You have been such a great help.

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    Re: Approach of testing

    HI Every body,

    I am the new user of this forum. can any body give the information about the Auto Test Case Generation Tool for the .Net WebBased application.

    Time too short, that's why we are searching for this tool,



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