PBX phone systems can be quite complex and offer a lot of call features. And depending on full/rich featured the PBX is, and/or how new the platform is, and/or how well integrated the platform is (from previous or other platforms), there could be quite a few regressions, and there could be a wide range of possible test cases for full test coverage.

Unfortunately, if the PBX company didn't plan for this in advance or have adequate QA resources, you don't always get proper test coverage.

So I'm wondering if there are tools (test case generators) or methodologies, pertaining to telecom/PBX testing, that exist out there that help with generating a large or adequate set of test cases that would provide the needed test coverage. I assume there are some for software testing or general QA/product testing, but would be nice if there were some that were telecom/PBX specific.

It is a pain to think up as much of the possible test scenarios or even write them up by hand. Especially with PBX testing where there are blind & supervised transfers, conferences, different phone types, and different connection types (TDM trunk, SIP trunk, internal call).