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    Flash Application


    Is anyone testing a flash application manually?? and what are the areas to particularly concentrate in the application, if the application to be tested?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Flash Application

    Hi Siva,

    I have tested flash application in one of the projects i had handled. In our case we used it as the installer, please let me know, for what purpose is the flash application used for.

    A small check list which you could verify is:

    1> Verify whether the flash application runs on all supported platforms especially if the application has to work on both windows, Linux and MAC OS.
    2> If html <href> tags are used verify, the applications support different browsers.
    3> Verify the screen resolution, the flash applications needs to run on.
    4> If any exe is called from the flash application, verify whether itís called correctly and again on different platforms.
    5> If any read me files are displayed in application, verify whether the full text is displayed.

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    Re: Flash Application

    Thanks Sharub.

    The application was designed by C Sharp, for e-learning project. Users ( pupil, aged 5-10) can draw images, drag & drop etc.


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    Re: Flash Application

    You should monitor the performance of your computer when testing. A common issue is that Flash apps can bring your computer to a slow/grinding halt.



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