Has anyone out there already performed testing for the upcoming changes in Daylight Saving Time? I am looking for some examples, generic tests or test types that could get me started. Obviously, I am getting started a bit late. I have managed to identify some conditions that will flag something that needs testing like:
1)The application contains one or more date fields that have triggers associated to them.
2)an application obtains date/time information from an old version of JRE that cannot be patched, but must be upgraded.
3)an application contains hard-coded information to calculate the start and end of DST.
4)an application requires date/time synchronization with an external system.
5)an application relies on internal translation functions that take the date/time from a server that is GMT-based.
6)an application utilizes UNIX scripts that contain date/time functions to look for files at a particular time/day.
7)an application interfaces with one or more external devices that have their own Date/Time and World Country recognition.
8)an application has interfaces with control systems such as PLC, distributed controls, records that have date/time settings including DST.
This is as far as I have come, though.