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    Functional testing without Functional specs


    How do you go about testing when you do not have any functional specifications?



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    Re: Functional testing without Functional specs


    Do you have anything at all? Is there anything which gives you a clue as to what will be delivered? If so, start making an outline of what you know will need to be tested based on whatever information is available.

    If not, start asking questions and do the same thing. I'd advise questioning the BA and/or user group, rather than the developers. They will merely tell you what they coded, not what was requested, but use whatever experts you have available. Building a basic test outline is helpful.

    If you've just been handed a system with nothing, you'll need to use exploratory test techniques. Build your outline (what you've explored) as you test, and expand as you go. Depending on your timeframes and the demands of your organization, you may need to expand these after the test period. The difficult part of testing this way is you'll have to use your own experience and common sense in regards to whether a result is a problem or not and you'll probably end up doing a lot of analysis (going back to the BA or developer and asking questions) during the testing itself, which is time-consuming.

    - Linda

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    Re: Functional testing without Functional specs

    You can always create your own specs.

    See: http://www.sqablogs.com/jstrazzere/9...uirements.html
    Joe Strazzere
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    Re: Functional testing without Functional specs

    As a last resort, you could always search the forum for past discussions on this topic.
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    Re: Functional testing without Functional specs

    If you work in some Agile environments you don't get specs all the time (depends on the project), though you should at least have requirements.

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    Re: Functional testing without Functional specs

    Yes, tester can do testing of an application if he/she don't have specification. Tester can do ad hoc testing that is generally done to learn about the application.
    If its web based application then tester can do testing of functionality of UI, navigation etc.
    If there is any functionality suppose a transaction take place then tester can test that system should role back the transaction if not completed because of any reason. This is one example.

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    Re: Functional testing without Functional specs

    Been there Done that
    I did what Linda and Joe have suggested you do.
    Starting with asking (and may be sometimes bugging) both the BAs and Developers with questions about the application/s. Also whenever possible I would explore the application to understand how it works.
    I would then develop
    1) Workflow for the application
    2) Develop functional specifications, both testable and not testable, based on the workflow
    3) Get the Functional Specifications reviewd and approved by the Project Lead and Project manager
    4) Create Test Cases around the functions
    5) Map all tests to the functions and report results.
    I don't know if this process seems redundant, but it worked for me.
    I hope this helps.

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    Re: Functional testing without Functional specs

    If u dont have the Func Spec then go ahead with either of the following:
    1.Mock Ups and UI.
    2.Use Cases.
    3.Sequence Diagrams.
    4.Screen Shots.

    With Cheers,



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