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Thread: QA vs. UAT

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    QA vs. UAT

    I was wondering if anyone has a link for any site that has a good description of the differences between QA and UAT, and the correct process for each (a summary will do). I need to put together a proposed plan here laying out the roles of the two, and would like any reference material so I don't take too much time off from my regular tasks trying to author this.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: QA vs. UAT

    Well, to give you a hint, before you go out and do your own searching at Google or with this forum's search engine which can be found in the upper right-hand corner, you are asking us to explain the difference between a "TREE" and a "DUCK"! Though sometimes a Duck will sit in a tree, that's about all they have in common.

    Go search!
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    Re: QA vs. UAT

    No, I actually know the difference between the two (have worked in QA for 6, and spent some of those years interfacing with UAT).
    I am just looking for a breakdown that is already written. I could put together a doc if I wanted to, but I'm busy with other stuff and would rather just have something already written up to show others on the team.

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    Re: QA vs. UAT

    I don't have any links or ready-made material which describes both QA and UAT but what all I know is about the activities performed in QA, UAT, targets of both etc.

    But as you worked in QA and interfaced with UAT, I hope all these things are primarily known to you. If you can share some more information in this thread, then someone may guide you.
    Pragathi G
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    Re: QA vs. UAT

    Quality Assurance is the prevention of defects and UAT is User Acceptance Testing which is a part of Quality Control.

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    Re: QA vs. UAT

    I'm assuming what is being requested is a document that lays out the difference between QA/QC testing and UAT testing. And that it's not that shamster doesn't know, but he doesn't want to take time out from other tasks to write such a document.

    Well, I know the difference too, but I don't have time to find out about shamster's environment and take a few hours out to do this for him [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] .

    Whaddya say, shamster? Why not just suck it up, work some OT, and get 'her done?

    - Linda

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    Re: QA vs. UAT

    don't know if this helps you. a mate sent me a copy of the methodology they used at a previous workplace to give me an idea. but i reckon as linda said, just suck it up and write it as every definition you find is probably going to be a bit different to the way your company does things.

    Unit Testing

    Entry Criteria

    Development of the particular component is completed
    Specifications for product are complete and approved
    All test cases are documented

    Exit Criteria

    All test cases completed successfully
    No outstanding critical defects
    All test results have been documented

    System Testing

    Entry Criteria

    Unit Testing has been completed
    Development has been completed on the entire product
    Specifications for the product have been completed and approved
    All Test cases are documented

    Exit Criteria

    All test cases completed successfully
    All defect recorded in Test director
    No outstanding critical defects
    All test results have been documented
    All code has been migrated into the model environment

    System Integration Testing

    Entry Criteria

    Unit and System testing has been completed and signed-off
    All code and applications are present in the model environment
    SIT test plan is approved
    All test cases have been documented and approved

    Exit Criteria

    No outstanding critical defects, unless agreed by UAT manager
    Less than 10 major defects outstanding
    All Test cases have been complete
    SIT summary report has been approved
    SIT sign-off meeting attended by SIT manager, UAT manager/Test principal and project manager where
    SIT results and finding are presented and a decision to move forward has been made

    User Acceptance Testing

    Entry Criteria

    The application works functionally as defined in the specifications
    No high category defects outstanding
    All areas have had testing started on them unless pre agreed by UAT manager/Test principal, SIT manager and Project managers
    Entire system functioning and all new components available unless previously agreed between UAT manager/Test Principal, SIT manager and project managers
    All test cases are documented and reviewed prior to the commencement of UAT

    Exit Criteria

    No outstanding critical defects
    Minimal outstanding medium category defects with plans in place to fix
    90% of Business process is working
    All critical Business processes are working
    All test results recorded and approved
    UAT test summary report documented and approved
    UAT close off meeting held

    hope this helps.

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