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    Test Objectives Matrix

    Any views on "Test Objectives Matrix"


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    Re: Test Objectives Matrix

    I guess I like to see established objectives that are aligned with organizational best practices and the customer's interests. I care not that they are cast in a matrix or not.

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    Re: Test Objectives Matrix

    From a Manager perspective I like the Test Objective Matrix as I can see at a quick glance which requirements are on which test case. It is easy for me to talk to my boss and let him know yes all the requirements are covered. If he asks about a certain requirement(s) and where we are in the testing process it is easy for me to find the answer. However my staff has difficulty documenting the lower level requirements as the matrix is a new tool that they are not use to using as I've only been at this company for 1 year.

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    Re: Test Objectives Matrix

    As far my knowledge, Test objectives Matrix will depend on kind of application and Service level Agreements.

    When i used to work for Microsoft, i have seen a document (not a matrix) talks about the Purpose of testing. Something like test coverage, Code walk through, Standards verification, End - End Scenarios, Agreed Metrics and so on..

    Comments are welcome...
    Sunil Kumar



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