I am aiming this question at the gurus and the moderators.

When I use the serach option and search for something, there will be a number of browser sessions (?) that the searach functionality opens. After reading for waht ever I am looking for and then I hit back button, it doesn't go back to wher I had started from. I see from the ropdown on the back button that it had opened scores of the sessions(?).
This is more an annoying feature rather than a problem, but can the moderators think over and fix this one. Probably, this feature of the forum could be putting off many people to stop using the search feature and directly pose the question itself. Well I mean.......
Or you open multiple browsers each one for a specific search.

I am not sure if others have encountered the same problem or is that it occurs only to me though.

I was motivated in writing about this because, I have seen the experts here advise many a time about the "Use the Search/Advanced Search" option. May be they will have a fewer times to say if this can be fixed.