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Thread: New to testing

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    New to testing

    Hi Friends,

    I have not started testing. I thinking of doing. Before i start iam trying to collect all info about it and then keep my leg. Do we really need to know all the softwares before starting testing. I know .Net. so opening a .net, vb app should be easy for me. So that testing is fine. But i heared mainframe is in now. say then how will i do. Do i really need to know mainframe. Like that should i know all programming languages. How should i start. Which is in and i can get a job with H1B? is .net testing good in market now? can i try with that. How to start? Please help me before i come to the world of testing let me do a complete analysis.

    Thanks in advance
    A Newbie

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    Re: New to testing

    Hello fellow-newbie!

    I donít believe that it is an absolute necessity to know the programming language of the software before you can test. My experience (which hasnít been much) has shown me that testing is more about following testing practices and not directly about knowledge of the programming language (Although this knowledge can be helpful). Now, since Iíve had mostly GUI/ClientServer/Web development experience, I think it would more challenging to jump into a mainframe testing environment but still doable.

    As far as getting a job with H1B Ė I donít even know what that is but I would imagine that the answer will depend on the job that youíre going after.

    The project that Iím on now is testing in a .NetNuke environment so Iím of the impression that there are .Net testing jobs out there. As far as getting started, Iíd say get a good resume (Iíd suggest having one professionally done) and post it on job sitesÖmonster,computerwork,hotjobs. Then go for the jobs that you want. I donít think thereís a ďsecretĒ to getting a testing job, itís just like going after any other job Ė give it 100% and see what happens.

    Good luck to you!

    Caveat Ė The thoughts expressed are just my two cents, please feel free to disagree with me! I love to hear the points of view from others!

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    Re: New to testing


    It's not necessary (or practical!) to know all programming languages.

    I suggest firstly browse the forums here, thers alot of useful stuff.

    Also read some good books on testing those by Cem Kaner are good.

    Decide what sort of work you want intesting, do you want to work with automated testing tools.

    As far as getting a first job goes, look for an "entry level" job where you can learn and develop your skills over time.

    Don't try to get a job which requires experience/knowledge you haven't got, if you do you're going to have major problems.

    Good Luck

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    Re: New to testing

    H1B jobs are available, but beware of the companies that offered guaranteed employment as you will be getting very low pay and working long hours, sort of like you would in your home country. The big plus for getting an H1B is EXPERIENCE, and you can't get this from books. You need to find an entry level job where you are to make yourself desirable for relocation. And "NO" you do not need to be intimately familiar with the OS. What you really need is a complete understanding of the testing activity.
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