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    Error Seeding and Fault injection

    is Error seeding and fault injection is same or both has some difference?
    Madhavi Sampat

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    Re: Error Seeding and Fault injection

    My understanding of the terms is that they are not the same.

    Error Seeding is a technique of inserting known faults into a system to determine the detection and removal rate and as a means to estimate the number of faults remaining. Personally, I'm not sure of the value of this technique but I guess it has it's uses.

    Fault injection on the other hand is a collective term for a range of techniques that can be used to assess how a system behaves in unusual situations (e.g. attempting to access a network resource that is no longer available or attempting to save when there is not enough disk space or pulling the plug on server.

    Hope that helps.

    Many thanks
    Bill Matthews
    Target Testing Ltd.

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    Re: Error Seeding and Fault injection

    I agree with Bill about error seeding, but I actually think that it is the same thing as fault injection.

    Maybe someone can correct me if I'm wrong here.

    Best regards Björn

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    Re: Error Seeding and Fault injection



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