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    Test case tracking report

    Hi everyone,
    Can somebody please help me know what are test tracking reports look like; what exactly are we measuring and what are the things to be recorded and when

    Thank you so much

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    Re: Test case tracking report

    Hi jouje,
    1. What the Metric and Measurement are?
    There are three specific attributes to a metric gathering process. These attributes are measure, metric, and indicator. A measure provides a quantitative indication of the extent, amount, dimensions, capacity, or size of some attribute of a product or process. A metric is a quantitative measure of the degree to which a system, component, or process possesses a given attribute. Finally, an indicator is a metric or combination of metrics that provide insight into a process, a project, or the product itself.
    A fundamental aim in measuring a product (RAPID or other) and the product development process is to increase quality. The key reasons for measuring a product are to:
    Characterize development engineering processes and products
    Evalutate project status with respect to plans
    Predict so that projects can be planned
    Guide improvements of the development/engineering processes
    From the ISO Q9004-2000, examples of measurement of performance of the organizationís processes include: measurement and evaluation of its product, capability of processes, achivement of project objectives, and satisfaction of interested parties (vendors and users). Software measurement is also the basis for creating and maintaining metrics.
    2. The purpose of the Metric.
    Metrics indicate process or product qualities that are not directly measurable and, if not addressed by metrics, are subjective and intangible. A software metric can define a standard way of measuring some attribute of the software development process, such as size, cost, defects, communications, difficulty, or environment. Metrics can range from the primitive (directly measurable or countable, such as total number of outstanding defects in the SVB bug tracking system) to complex and derived (such as number of noncommented source statements per engineer per month). There are a variety of attributes that can be measured and which ones are measured depend on the described entities. For example, what you measure when evaluating a development process will differ from what you measure when evaluating system or module progress. Before measurement begins, what you will derive from the data must be clear; then, you can successfully define and measure the appropriate attributes. Typically, the attributes measured fall into the following core categories:
    Cost (staff effort, phase effort, total effort)
    Errors (data found or corrected, effort required, error source and class)
    Process characteristics (development language, process model, technology)
    Project dynamics (changes or growth in requirements or code)
    Project characteristics (development dates, project size, total effort)
    Software structure (size, complexity)
    Measuring problems and using defect metrics helps us control product quality, cost, and schedules and thus product development and maintenance. It also helps us determine the status of corrective actions, scale and improve development processes, and predict remaining defects of failure rates.

    Not sure what do you meant under "test tracking report". Hope it helps.



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