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    Browser Specific Issues

    Hi all,

    Can you guys please share your experience by telling about the Browser specific bugs you people have come across?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Browser Specific Issues

    I do not know if that's what you are looking for, but I know that even in the simplest HTML level (without jscript, DHTML etc.) not all browser render the code equaly. Some browsers have problems with netsted tables, some have problems with the IFrame tag etc.

    I once saw a table comparing all major browsers handling of various HTML tags. Unfortunately, I do not have a reference...

    Lidor Wyssocky

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    Re: Browser Specific Issues

    The "BACK" button functionality is very tricky.

    For example lets say you there is an item in the web page..
    Different users are displayed...you see 2 links
    You can "delete" the user or
    You can "modify" the user details.
    You click "delete" and the name is removed...
    Try BACK and modify for that user(u just deleted)

    You see lot of changes between IE and netscape.

    buttons working in IE donot work
    alignment and look and feel changes between IE and Netscape

    Try entering ' in textboxes and "submit" crashes sometimes

    F5, refresh sometimes bugs out

    Here's some of them...

    Hope these have shown you new errors

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    Re: Browser Specific Issues

    Cookie or not to Cookie

    Ah, the question of how cookies affect browser behavior.

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    Re: Browser Specific Issues

    If you have an application that displays graphics, different browsers can render the images differently. I worked on one application where one browser displayed the pictures in a catalog as black boxes...

    Narla is right about the "Back" and "Refresh" facilities. Those problems are common.

    - Linda

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    Re: Browser Specific Issues

    My company is using Mozilla as a default browser.
    One can run an application in IE it works fine but when we run it in the mozilla combo box's right down arrow will get disappeared. How to resolve this issue i don't know? even we are facing lot of problems related to this.


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    Re: Browser Specific Issues


    What about hyperlinks?? Right-click and select 'open in new window'. I found this to be not working and problematic and the developers tried a lot in fixing..But finally disabled right-click hyperlink !!! :-))

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    Re: Browser Specific Issues

    Are you looking for Mac or PC browser differences?

    Missing close table, td or tr tags are handled different between Netscape and IE.

    Also if there is a space in an href or img tag, IE and Netscape will handle those different as well.

    HTTP Uploads aren't handled the same in various browsers.

    Java Applets will act different depending upon the browser, OS and JVM.

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    Re: Browser Specific Issues

    The common browser specific bug is GUI. At some times the functionality also but that's a rear case. In GUI also the cascading style sheets is the main thing

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    Re: Browser Specific Issues

    Hi All,

    One more issue is you can drag and drop an object on the browser, see the application is loosing the control (in case of mozilla i have experienced this)




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