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    Test Plan & QA Plan

    Hi Everyone

    what are the differences between Test Plan & Quality Assurance Plan?

    Thanx & Regards

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    Re: Test Plan & QA Plan


    The Test Plan is a plan which is done by the test manager and for a particular project. Test plan contains every thing about Testing only. Test plan acts a guide line for the complete testing process like gives the details of Breif intro of the project, testers identified, calculated Matrix(like how many days the testing will continue), Risks identified and soon.

    The Quality Assurance Plan is done by QA or SQA. This plan is completely different from Test plan. This contain what an SQA's role in that project where all he is involved in that project. What all activities will the SQA be performing and SQA's role in the project. What all quality goals should be met according to the organisation.

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    Re: Test Plan & QA Plan

    Is it possible to get QA Plan Template..


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    Re: Test Plan & QA Plan

    there are lot of QA Plan Template availble online.
    but real thing is that some one give us the filled one.

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    Re: Test Plan & QA Plan

    What activities did the SQA team performs? Could any one explain me?

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    Re: Test Plan & QA Plan

    Hi Prasaad,

    Check out the following link for a SQA Plan Template.


    Hi Ramesh..Check this out. It explains about the SQA and its


    A. Concepts and Definitions

    Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is defined as a planned and systematic
    approach to the valuation of the quality of and adherence to software
    product standards, processes, and procedures.

    SQA includes the process of assuring that standards and procedures are
    established and are followed throughout the software acquisition life
    cycle. Compliance with agreed-upon standards and procedures is evaluated
    through process monitoring, product evaluation, and audits.

    Software development and control processes should include quality assurance
    approval points, where an SQA evaluation of the product may be done in
    relation to the applicable standards.

    B. Standards and Procedures

    Establishing standards and procedures for software development is critical,
    since these provide the framework from which the software evolves.Standards
    are the established criteria to which the software products are compared.

    Procedures are the established criteria to which the development and control
    processes are compared. Standards and procedures establish the prescribed
    methods for developing software;

    the SQA role is to ensure their existence and adequacy. Proper documentation
    of standardsand procedures is necessary since the SQA activities of process
    monitoring, product evaluation, and auditing rely upon unequivocal definitions
    to measure project compliance.

    Types of standards include:

    Documentation Standards specify form and content for planning, control, and product
    documentation and provide consistency throughout a project.

    Design Standards specify the form and content of the design product.They provide
    rules and methods for translating the software requirements into the software design
    and for representing it in the design documentation.

    Code Standards specify the language in which the code is to be written and define
    any restrictions on use of language features.They define legal language structures,
    style conventions, rules for data structures and interfaces, and internal code

    Procedures are explicit steps to be followed in carrying out a process. All processes
    should have documented procedures. Examples of processes for which procedures are needed
    are configuration management, nonconformance reporting and corrective action, testing,
    and formal inspections.

    The planning activities required to assure that both products and processes comply with
    designated standards and procedures are described in the QA portion of the Management

    C. Software Quality Assurance Activities

    Product evaluation and process monitoring are the SQA activities that assure the software
    development and control processes described in the project's Management Plan are correctly
    carried out and that the project's procedures and standards are followed. Products are
    monitored for conformance to standards and processes are monitored for conformance to
    procedures. Audits are a key technique used to perform product evaluation and process

    Review of the Management Plan should ensure that appropriate SQA approval points are built
    into these processes.

    Product evaluation is an SQA activity that assures standards are being followed. Ideally,
    the first products monitored by SQA should be the project's standards and procedures.
    SQA assures that clear and achievable standards exist and then evaluates compliance of the
    software product to the established standards.

    Product evaluation assures that the software product reflects the requirements of the
    applicable standard(s) as identified in the Management Plan.

    Process monitoring is an SQA activity that ensures that appropriate steps to carry out the
    process are being followed.
    SQA monitors processes by comparing the actual steps carried out with those in the documented

    The Assurance section of the Management Plan specifies the methods to be used by the SQA
    process monitoring activity.

    A fundamental SQA technique is the audit, which looks at a process and/or a product in depth,
    comparing them to established procedures and standards. Audits are used to review
    management, technical, and assurance processes to provide an indication of the quality and status
    of the software product.

    The purpose of an SQA audit is to assure that proper control procedures are being followed,
    that required documentation is maintained, and that the developer's status reports accurately
    reflect the status of the activity. The SQA product is an audit report to management
    consisting of findings and recommendations to bring the development into conformance with
    standards and/or procedures.

    Hope it helps.

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