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    Back End Testing/ XML Validation


    What is the best way to structure test cases for XML Validation? I was thinking that I could have the harness send in orders with required fields, then optional fields, then some with optinal and required. I also plan to test the max and min string amount for the fields as well. What I am looking for is an all around method to use each time no matter the number of fields and such. All help would be greatly appreciated!!


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    Re: Back End Testing/ XML Validation

    you can have the test data in a .CSV file, with every row having all the element values for a single xml file. then write a program (or have it written by a developer) to read each row, form an xml out of it and send it to the 'validator' program.
    so in every row of the .CSV file u can have the values as reqd. each row forming a test case.
    this is how we actually did, but i suppose there's a similar feature in MS SQL Server to pull out an xml from the db. ie., in a table each row would contain the values for the xml.
    u can try that too..

    hope what i've written is relevant to ur prob.

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    Re: Back End Testing/ XML Validation

    We did the same in last project through WR .xls file. Ofcourse you can use any format like /csv/xls/flatfile/mdb etc., files can be used for generating xml files. As a editior your can use VB/WR/ etc.,any editor which supports the data format files.
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