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    Integration Testing question


    I have a question about integration testing:

    If a tester is required to do Integration testing as a part of his job is he required to write stubs and drivers for testing or are they already written by someone who has programming knowledge ?
    Typically what happens in a big company if a software is being tested for the first time and you are required to do SIT will you be given the stubs and drivers or does someone who has to do integration testing have to have programming skills to program them himself.
    And lastly does integration testing only mean testing the interface points of each mocule or does it involve anything more ?
    I ve posted a lot of questions for one day . [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]
    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Integration Testing question

    Stubs and drivers are generally required for formalized unit and unit integration testing and of course require programming knowledge, since the engineer charged with integration testing at that level will almost certainly need to write stubs and drivers.

    Integration testing can occur (and should occur) at all stages of development. Integration can involve the integration of:
    1) units, components, or modules (pick your term to describe the lowest level and discrete software component)
    2) Logical groupings of integrated units are often combined with other logical groupings. This is another form of integration and is usually associated with a "build" for other types of testing. Example: The integrated units to render the display and capture input may be combined with units that interface with a database - to form a partial or complete subsystem.
    3) Subsystems may be combined/integrated to form a system. Testing at this level is usually described as system integration.
    4) Systems may be combined/integrated to provide a total solution. This can be referred to as systems-integration.

    Note - at any level of integration, "stubs" and "drivers" may be necessary to fit the purpose. Example at a build-level: You are charged to functionally test the GUI part of a client/server app. The database services components are not complete. You may require that the developers provide "stubs" to simulate interaction with the database just to complete the GUI potions that would ordinarily interact with the database.

    I've posted a lot of answers for a day and make no claims as to the accuracy of the answers. Please remit your check for service to ....

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    Re: Integration Testing question

    JP is absolutely right. I want to add one more point.
    Integration testing is done to locate the Design errors in Application [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    If you want a high quality software system, you must ensure each of its parts is of high quality. by Watts S. Humphrey

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    Re: Integration Testing question

    Thanks Vinod & JP(your check is on its way)



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