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    When is the Test is said to be complete?

    Can anybody provide me about when is the Test is complete for the project.


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    Re: When is the Test is said to be complete?

    when test cases carried out on the application under test is successful to a certain extent,or when rate falls to minimum..

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    Re: When is the Test is said to be complete?

    That is a subjective item. You have to pre-determine what is the criteria for completion. Will it be all test cases being executed, or all executed with 80% pass rate, or all executed with 80% pass rate and no High Severity Defects open, etc.

    You (and your company) have to agree upon what is the criteria for completion. Some companies will say it is the ship date (even if all tests are not complete it still goes, which is more common than you think), others will say it is all features have to be completed (not necessarily tested), others will say it is no high severity defects remain open (meaning they could have deferred some of them), etc.

    This will require input, and debate, from other concerned parties. But the key is getting all affected parties to agree and buy in to the criteria. Otherwise it will be chaos and a lot of heartburn.

    One thing that can help you is a test status reporting tool/methodology. Go to the Downloads page (QADownloads), and go into the templates area. There is an Excel tool I placed out there to help people manage the test execution process, it is a starting point. If you already have a tool like TestDirector, QACenter, TestManager, etc. then use the thing and get other people to buy into using it also.

    Good luck.

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    Re: When is the Test is said to be complete?

    "When is the Test is said to be complete" ??

    It depends on lot of things an vary from one organisation to the other, but the main points are
    - Specify some EXIT CRITERIA for your test(Like you have looged all the bugs, you have done regression test, you have closed the opened bugs etc etc.)

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    Re: When is the Test is said to be complete?

    hi sankar,
    when is the Test is complete for the project??

    Well it depends on a lot of factors.

    It could be said that the testing never stops because once the product is given to the user, the user takes over the testing. i.e the bugs he finds is reported back to the developers.

    Among the other things, the testing can be stopped due to,
    1. Deadline for the project.
    2. Number of bugs(critical)open.
    3. Financial constraints.
    4. Clients request for closure


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    Re: When is the Test is said to be complete?

    As many have quoted there are far too many reasons for this and is very subjective.Many modern software applications are so complex and run in such an interdependent environment, that complete testing can never be done.

    May be one can say that what ever may be the type project, the following ponits can potentially be considered for Test Completion.

    (a)Deadlines, e.g. release deadlines, testing deadlines;

    (b)Test cases completed with certain percentage passed;(a Point relating to Acceptance Criteria)

    (c)Test budget has been depleted;

    (d)Coverage of code, functionality,or requirements reaches a specified point;

    (e) Bug rate falls below a certain level; or Beta or alpha testing period ends.
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    Re: When is the Test is said to be complete?

    When it ships?

    How about, when support is pulled?

    It's never complete, but it does usually end eventually.
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    Re: When is the Test is said to be complete?

    When to stop testing is mentioned in test plan. It is the exit criteria agreed upon by the team.
    In general exit criteria for any testing is executing all test cases then bug free application.
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    Re: When is the Test is said to be complete?

    All the testing is done when all the new software was tested. If you don't test it how do you know if it will work, whether you are out of time or out of money. If you ship software without any testing you are writing a check for recall, fixes, PR problems and legal problems.

    Do some testing on all new software, and get the customer to agree on the amount you test. Data entry needs XX% percent of testing(something high) because that feeds your system and databases and drives your process, maybe reporting or something else can have something less. The type of application is critical in this evaluation, is this gaming software or medical equipment or NASA. These are all agreed upon with the client so as end of testing is not a surprise date, or a pink slip cause the budget is gone.


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    Re: When is the Test is said to be complete?

    To my knowledge the testing issaid to be completed when the product or the prj is completely out of use,when the client says that "thats the end of the product or the project". Till then u will be doing testing.


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