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    Diff System Testing and User Acceptance Testing

    What is the difference between System Testing and User Acceptance Testing?

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    Re: Diff System Testing and User Acceptance Testing

    System testing is on-going throughout the development/test cycle. User acceptance testing is beta testing. Go to Yahoo search or Google and enter "definition user acceptance testing" or something similar.

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    Re: Diff System Testing and User Acceptance Testing

    There is no "difference" per se, as these terms refer to completely different types of categorization. System Testing describes the scope of testing: you will test the system as a whole (as opposed to unit, module, or integration testing). User Acceptance Testing refers to why you test it: so that the user will sign off on it and OK it for deployment. The vast majority of the time (in my experience), User Acceptance Testing is done at the System Test level.
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    Re: Diff System Testing and User Acceptance Testing

    As Charles has said, UAT is about the Client assuring themselves that they can sign off.
    Ideally we will have had Unit test, Function Test, Integration Test, System Test and non-functional testing (e.g. Performance, load, stress, security etc).
    So far, we have been seeing that the system works as designed and that the design matches the requirements. UAT is now virtually a "confidence test" by end users (clients) that you have got all the above right! As such, UAT can contain elements of all the above to cover what the client feels is high risk to them. In addition, they should design and run more tests of their own - to esnure they have addressed all of their concerns.

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    Re: Diff System Testing and User Acceptance Testing

    Thank you very much Bryan, Charles

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    Re: Diff System Testing and User Acceptance Testing

    KBEE01 is correct. UAT is more of a confidence (warm and fuzzy) feeling of testing. I have had UATs involved in system testing but like to give them a more higher level test case than what a developer or BA would have.

    Only question I have and seems to go both ways is when do we get UATs involved? My 2cents would be before or during the system testing. Obviously bringing UAT's in late would only hold up the release date if there was a major issue.

    Has anyone ever had their UAT's involved immediately following Unit testing? If so, does it work well? My shop still likes to have the wall between developers and testers (uggggh).



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