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    Testing Methodology for Small Projects ( BAU\'s)

    Does anyone have suggestions for testing BAU items.. that is projects which are small initiatives (that do not go through stringent PLC )


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    Re: Testing Methodology for Small Projects ( BAU\'s)

    I would think that the process is generally the same as that of a larger project with a few maybe, possibly, hmmm ..., perhaps a couple exceptions.

    Does it do what it is supposed to do and meet the business and system objectives? Testing is testing regardless of the size of the project. I suppose that if I was faced with that challenge, I might reply as follows - but also be very reluctant to give up any type of, or rigor in testing!

    So I pose these cautiously...
    Possible exceptions:
    1) Less or no automation.
    2) Rigorous and comprehensive system testing.
    3) Less detail required in manual steps.
    And these exceptions may not be exceptions at all!

    Regarding those exceptions - much depends on the app and its complexity and anticipated load. Exceptions also depend on the intended life of the app and, estimated revision cycles.

    And, what if the the small project is a critical timing component or service that has a lot of clients? The testing required may just be exhaustive.

    So, if you are being challenged to "cut" testing - be sure to outline the risks.

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    Re: Testing Methodology for Small Projects ( BAU\'s)

    Thanks for your feedback. You brought up good points, especially the risks associated in " cutting " testing.



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