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    difference between testbed and test stub

    what i know regarding both is ,
    testbed is replicating a behavior
    test stub is also simulating some berhaviour.

    Can you tell me when we go for test stub and test stub?

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    Re: difference between testbed and test stub

    Hi Satiskotti,

    Test bed is the environment in which the testing activities take place. This includes the version of the operating system, hardware systems if required and the application under test.

    The test stub is a program which is a dummy program meant for imitating another system/component or module, which is too complex or not developed. This is used for carrying out tests without waiting for all the modules/systems to be developed.


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    Re: difference between testbed and test stub

    The goal of creating a test bed is to simulate production as accurately as possible. This would solve major headaches during the test cycle, the main ones being defects closed because of "Test environment issues".
    Test Stubs are useful when you do not want to wait for the complete build to be ready before starting to test. Parts of the build can be ready and you create a driver or a stub depending on the piece. A driver being: a simulated piece/function which would kick off the piece ready to test (including stuff like passing required parameters etc). A stub is the other end of the piece ready to test.

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    Re: difference between testbed and test stub

    I am looking for some test case generation techniques used in Winrunner and Silk test for my file paper.could some one tell me which sites I can refer.

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    Re: difference between testbed and test stub

    Testbed is the environment inwhich your testing must be undergone. I tell you one real time scenario. you are having dept table which contains 20 record where deptno = 100; so whenever you are executing testmethods, the above 20 rows must be available (if extra added or some is deleted, then your testcase will fail) else your testcase will fail. say for example, you are executing a method which retrivies no of rows based on deptno=100; At the same time (ie parallely), if some other user is inserting a data into the dept table, then surely your testcase will fail. Because your expectation is 20 but actual is 21. The extra one added by another user is junk data.

    simply speaking, testbed is the clean environment which contains only master data before executing each testmethod.

    If you know Junit, then you can better understand this one. If you have any clarifications, please ask.


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    Re: difference between testbed and test stub

    Test Bed. An environment containing the hardware, instrumentation, simulators, software tools, and other support elements needed to conduct a test

    Test Stub A dummy software component or object used (during development and testing) to simulate the behaviour of a real component. The stub typically provides test output.




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