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    What is Validation testing?

    Hello every one,

    Can any one help me out, What validation testing is?


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    Re: What is Validation testing?

    Good question! I like to think of validation in the following simplistic manner as related to software and/or systems testing. It is a series of activities designed to answer a question: "Did we build it correctly?" If you agree, then this question leads to defining what processes, actices, and/or activities you will use to answer that question. Within the context of software testing, validation is the process of testing software against specifications. Does the software do what it is supposed to do? In many circles "validation" is related to "verification" and is often expressed as Verification and Validation, or V&V. Although you didn't ask, verification is a series of activities designed to answer the question - "Are we building it correctly?" (Contrast this with the "validation" question). These activities consist of requirements analyses, design reviews, code inspections and testing. As with any testing terminology one must be very careful about definition since "Validation" may mean something totally different to someone else. It is always good practice to include definitions in test planning documents.

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    Re: What is Validation testing?

    Another way to think about the V n V questions:

    Validation: Are we building the right thing? Part of validation can be modelled thru use cases, tested via req and spec testing. One thing I like to do here is to ask as many questions as you can, from as many people as possible, to see if their answers all match. If they do, then a portion of your validation is done - and at least you'll know if everyone is on the same page. Validate that you are doing the right thing. Validate that the requirements are correct for what the user needs. Validate the design.

    Verification: Did we building the thing right?
    This part is covered in the majority of the posts on this board. A lot of the classical testing is done here to verify that the specs have been met. Here, you are testing to see if the implementation meets the design.
    It Depends.

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    Re: What is Validation testing?

    Verification, as defined by IEEE/ANSI, is the process of evaluating a system or component to determine whether the products of a given development phase satisfy the conditions imposed at the start of that phase
    somebody had once phrased Verification as “human” testing, because it usually involves looking at documents on paper

    Validation, as defined by IEEE/ANSI, is the process of evaluating a system or component during or at the end of the development process to determine whether it satisfies specified requirements

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    Re: What is Validation testing?

    I understand Verification to mean the process in which each phase's
    applicable documentation is traced for completeness, correctness, and
    consistency with the previous phase's documentation.
    Validation is the process in which the software is tested against the
    applicable documentation to determine if it complies and performs exactly as expected.
    When IEEE says compare it to the actual 'requirements' do they mean the SRS(user requirements) ?

    OR can you validate a design document?

    Or can you validate the design documentation in the System and Integration
    testing phase?


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    Re: What is Validation testing?

    From "A Project Management Glossary" http://www.evolt.org/article/A_Proje...355/index.html
    OK, so you have a solution to the perceived business need. But will it work for the stakeholders? Will your security model, incorporating a 12-character, system defined, randomly generated, non-user-changeable password, be usable for the business users? And will it satisfy the requirements of the security folks? Well, why not ask them? And if they say 'No', then it's back to the drawingboard. Every design phase should be iteratively validated until you have something which works for the people you're producing it for."
    I found this while looking for content for www.qacity.com a resource site for testers where we go through the Web and post links to the most relevant and helpful links and articles for testers.


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    Re: What is Validation testing?

    There is another meaning of the term 'Validation Testing':

    Computer systems need 'Valid' inputs in order to produce meaningful outputs via correct processing.

    For example, a system that calculates retirement date from birthdate and intended retirement age can have lots of validation:

    For birthdate you only want to be able to enter dates that are in the past. Everyting else is invalid. Validation testing is the process of checking that only valid inputs are forwarded for processing and that invalid inputs are suitably disallowed
    For desired retirement age (in the uk) you wan an integer between 50 and 75 inclusive (unless you have an exempt occupation like football player then you can retire at 30 - this is known as conditional validation).

    Maybe this helps


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