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    What is Regression Testing?

    I am new to software testing and I want some one to provide details for some terminology of testing. Can some one here explain in simple words that what does it mean by Regression Testing? Please in simple words and in easy to understand words.

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    Re: What is Regression Testing?

    Regression testing is that testing that is performed after making a functional improvement or repair to the program. Its purpose is to determine if the change has regressed other aspects of the program. It is usually performed by rerunning some subset of the program's test cases. [G. Myers]

    Selective testing to verify that modifications have not caused unintended adverse side effects or to verify that a modified system still meets requirements. [B. Hetzel]

    see: http://www.allthingsquality.com/p/te...-glossary.html
    Joe Strazzere
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    Re: What is Regression Testing?

    Regression testing refers to retesting of the bug which is fixed. At the same time, testing the other parts of the application to ensure that the fix doesnt impact other functionalities

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    Re: What is Regression Testing?

    Regress in english means :
    1. To go back; move backward.
    2. To return to a previous, usually worse or less developed state.
    3. To have a tendency to approach or go back to a statistical mean.

    Regression testing means that the change or upgrade has not caused any existing functionality ( that was already working before) to break .

    In a sense , the software should keep upgrading ( move forward ) rather than degrading ( move backward) [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: What is Regression Testing?

    Let me introduce you to an awesome tool. Google! I searched for "What is regression testing?" and Google returned over 3 million results. Try it sometime.

    Onward thru the fog...

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    Re: What is Regression Testing?

    if ur new to testing then go and click this link
    u wil find information regarding testing which is very useful for u....

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    Re: What is Regression Testing?

    Functional Testing Process:
    In functionally testing following steps must be observed:
    1) Understand the Requirements
    2) Identify test input (test data)
    3) Compute the expected outcomes with the selected test input values
    4) Execute test cases
    5) Comparison of actual and computed expected result
    -Software Testing Class

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    Re: What is Regression Testing?

    Regression Testing: Testing an application after modification has been done to check its not affected to the unchanged part of the application.


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    Re: What is Regression Testing?

    Doing the same thing again and again and expecting the same result [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
    Patience is like bread I say.... I ran out of that yesterday.

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    Re: What is Regression Testing?

    <font color="red"> Regression testing is also known as validation testing and provides a consistent, repeatable validation of each change to an application under development or being modified </font>



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