Software Testing - Functional, Integration and System Testing. How my scenario is different than real time scenario used in companies?
Suppose my TL gives me an application to test. I need to test it at Functional, Integration and System level of Testing. So could you please tell me which scenario is used in companies-?
We write Test Cases individually for Functional, Integration and System Testing. I mean different Test Cases for Different Testing- Functional, Integration and System, to check application functionality.
(We write test cases accordingly whether it is Functional Test case, Integration Test Case or System Test Case.
At the end of the day, our agenda is to check application functionality. So we just include all Test Cases to test application, it does not matter Test case comes under which testing Functional, Integration or System Testing.
(we mix all Test Case together and just check all functionality, does not matter whether it is Functional, Integration and System Testing.)
Please share your ideas.

Thanks & Regards,
Robin Tyagi