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    Testing help needed? Suggestions?

    I currently have a testing process for a piece of software. The way it is tested is all of the tasks that are completed for a release along with any bugs are entered into a spreadsheet and sent to a testing team. the team will test each item and then add a comment of whether or not it works properly or if an issue was found with it. This keeps getting sent back and forth until all issues are resolved and then the final release can go out. My question is, does anyone have a better process that could be used? All tracking is done with software called Jira.

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    Re: Testing help needed? Suggestions?

    What kind of "process" are you looking for here?
    - a process for tracking issues?
    - a process for testing?
    - something else?

    The process you describe above might be fine for your company's needs - it's hard to tell what "better" might mean here.

    For my company, your process would have serious flaws.

    For example, it appears that you are asking your testing team to test only "items" on your spreadsheet corresponding to "tasks that are completed. What about tasks/features that are required, but never completed (errors of omission, rather than errors of commission)?

    But what is appropriate for my company might have no relevance to yours.
    Joe Strazzere
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    Re: Testing help needed? Suggestions?

    This sounds like a pretty common appraoch to acceptance testing. I assume by "completed" you mean the list of included features for that release.

    You may want to concern yourself with negative scenarios, security risks, performance, etc.

    From what you're describing, I would say you're doing the least amount of testing possible. Depending on your budget/schedule, this might be acceptable.

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    Re: Testing help needed? Suggestions?

    I am looking for a new testing process. I would like to take all of the issues from jira that were worked on whatever they are, either a bug or new feature, and send these to a testing team and have their feedback on each task. Is there any kind of software that does this? I am just tired of using excel and I feel like it is not the best approach.

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    Re: Testing help needed? Suggestions?

    Can't you just give them access to Jira?
    Joe Strazzere
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    Re: Testing help needed? Suggestions?

    As Joe said, giving access to Jira is one example of a simple process.

    Still there are more complex processes to manage the process of your development and testing, you can start by defining requirements, then linking them to tasks for developers and to tests for testers. As the tasks are completed they are sent as a build (with build notes linking the tasks and so the requirements) to the testers so that they can run the tests and in case of a defect being found then it is reported and linked to the test. The idea is to have traceability that connects all the parts together.

    I think that trying to implement a complex process "cold-turkey" is not a good idea so you should try to formalize only one piece at a time.

    With regards to tools for this. Jira is good for tracking Bugs & Tasks, but I don't like it for Test and Requirements and definitely not to manage the end-to-end process. On the other hand I work for a different company (PractiTest) that develops an end-to-end system so I am obviously biased.

    There are other people in the forum who will go as far as telling you that excel can work and what's important is the process itself... but I am not sure I agree with them, I think a tool can help you structure your process (it will not be able to define it for you!)

    In short, you can start, as Joe suggested, by letting all parts work with the same system. You can also check other systems that manage more than issues. But try taking it one step at a time.

    Good Luck
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    Re: Testing help needed? Suggestions?

    I would agree with a lot of what is said up above. Since I haven't used Jira I don't understand it's ability to track bugs throughout a process or the life cycle of a bug. If it can do so, then why not use just that? You should be able to deem certain bugs a high priority or severity so that developers understand that before you even think about going to production, those items are done first. Introducing a final spreadsheet wouldn't make any sense to me when you have a tool like that at your disposal (unless I don't understand how you use it).

    If using Jira isn't a possibility then I would recommend using a spreadsheet that is your bug tracker throughout your project. Yes it isn't perfect, but if you don't have anything then you at least need something. In the spreadsheet I would design it as such where your testers can assign a severity level (and of course other fields) so that at least in terms of going to production you can't do that until all of the bugs are fixed that have a Medium or High severity level.

    Lastly if you're working with a spreadsheet that your team is using, you need to use something like Sharepoint where you can at least do some versioning. Emailing a spreadsheet back and forth and making sure that you're using the most up to date doc spells out disaster for me.

    Don't know if that helps.




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