I am trying to automate few call scenarios by making use of the AT command interface.

I was able to make a voice call, GPRS attach and SMS send. However although the handset supports video call app, I am unable to initiate a video call using the AT command.
(According to 3GPP TS 27.007)
atd<phone number>;

The at+cbst=134,0,1 command returns a error.
When I do at+cbst=?, I get the following,

+CBST: (0,7,12,14-17,39,43,47-51,71,75,79-84),(0,4),(1)

So 134, viz, 64kbps multimedia, does not seem to be supported using AT command.

I tried Ericsson K850i, Nokia N95 and a couple of Samsung sets, all with similar results.

Any idea how to go about?

Thanks in advance.