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    Responsive Testing ???

    "RESPONSIVE TESTING". This was an unheard terminology for me before i heard it for the first time yesterday. I searched frantically to get some kind of idea about it but without any success.
    Wat i can make out of this is that is that when I know that I need to perform similar kind of tesing (read similar scenarios) over multiple consecutive releases the I plan my testing accordingly to avoid repetition.
    This is what i vaguely understand of "RESPONSIVE TESTING". Can some one please enlighten me further on this??

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    Re: Responsive Testing ???

    It may be unheard term as i think this is not any type of testing type. Any how there me some type of preparation for responsive testing or responsive testing team.

    so if you consult this article you will have a good idea.

    SQA Knowledge Bank

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    Re: Responsive Testing ???

    thank you Mr.Hafeez

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    Re: Responsive Testing ???

    Thank you Hafeez [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Responsive Testing ???

    What I can relate this term " Responsive Testing" is that it is like or it is "Performance Tesitng"
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    Re: Responsive Testing ???

    Responsive testing is nothing but tester test- user interaction and handles extreme loading without unacceptable operation degradation.

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    Re: Responsive Testing ???

    [ QUOTE ]
    Responsive testing is nothing but tester test- user interaction and handles extreme loading without unacceptable operation degradation.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Sounds like you mean "Responsiveness".
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    Re: Responsive Testing ???

    I would say that "responsive" is a description of the agility of a tester or test team, and not a specific type of test. It means that a tester or test team can readily adapt to a new environment or application type and produce results quickly without a lengthy setup and analyzation period. i.e. Fast Action Response Team. (Watch the acronym!).
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    Re: Responsive Testing ???

    Repeating tests over multiple releases would suggest Regression testing, which is the testing of the same tests over different software releases to ensure that the functionality has not regressed...i.e. the functionaility is still there. For this you need a bank of regression tests, tests you know will test the system's main features and will show up issues, i.e. are effective. I think this is what you are referring to in your original post.


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    Re: Responsive Testing ???

    By looking at all the posts, this does not seem to be a word used in QA :-) I can't remember seen this ever with regard to QA.

    In what context they asked about this? It is very likely some one just used the word to describe it literally rather than referring to a methodology.




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