I have been looking for a good tool that works on 6 OSes (xp32bit, xp64bit, vista32bit, vista64bit, windows7-32bit, and windows7-64bit) that can track changes made by an installer to the file system and registry. I found a few things in my search (I did a search both on and off these forums), but everything I found was OLD. The best software I found was InstallWatch Pro 2.5c (whose company seems to have gone out of business long ago), and I am having some trouble with that in 64 bit OSes. On top of that, it seems like these tools pick up all of the changes the OS is making to the system and not filtering them out. This causes a very simple installer I created to test these apps to have many entries in the output diff that have nothing to do with the installer under test.

Does anyone know of a good tool for this task, and, perhaps, some way to differentiate the OS changes from the installer changes?