Hi folks,

I have a embedded device with Linux as OS which has a DHCP client installed. Now I Wanted to test it. I search on the google regarding the DHCP but the information I was getting was too complex to filter out. So I am posting the question here. I hope I will get the answers

I am using the following command to get the detail of the DHCP leases.

cat /var/lib/dhcp/dhclient.leases
it provied me the following information
<font color="red">
renew 2 2007/1/23 01:05:15;
rebind 0 2007/1/28 07:44:10;
expire 2 2007/1/30 01:44:10;

Now my questions are.
1) If I simple change the time past renew time will it renew the lease ??? i have done it but not renewing . I require to reastart the unit, so is it right ?? i.e. restarting the unit.

2) if I change the time past expier time will it get the new IP.??? I tried but I doesn't work even after restarting it has the same IP..