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    Lock Box Testing?

    Hi Folks,

    Can anyone explain me what is Lockbox testing? When i did a google search and came to know that lock box is the payment processing system.. How will we test that? I m clue less about this, Can anyone help me out?


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    Re: Lock Box Testing?

    Where did you hear the term? Was it used by your boss?

    It's not one I am familiar with, perhaps something to do with payment processing?
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    Re: Lock Box Testing?

    [ QUOTE ]
    How will we test that? I m clue less about this, Can anyone help me out?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I'd imagine you will test it the same way you will test any other system:
    - learn about the requirements
    - learn about the system you are implementing
    - think about how it would work, and how it would fail
    - prepare experiments to show how it fails
    - conduct the experiments
    - analyze the results
    - report the findings as appropriate

    To get started, you should probably talk to your boss. Hopefully she/he can point you in the right direction for the specific needs of your company.
    Joe Strazzere
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    Re: Lock Box Testing?

    I heard about Lockbox, but did not hear about Lockbox testing.

    Lockbox is a term used in F&A and banking industry and is used in payment processing. In this technique, payments from customers reach a box like one postoffice box from where banks get those collected and credit customers.

    Since this is related to banking and finance, security testing is required. Also, this is a manual process, may require different testing methodology than a usual one.

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    Re: Lock Box Testing?

    Lock Box is an application used to process bank payments, mostly checks. This is a batch process used by banks to process an ASCII delimited file that contains payment information.

    These are a couple of tasks that you will need to be concern with for testing;
    1. The output format of the LockBox file that your system will generate. The bank will dictate the format
    2. The import of the file containing the records rejected from the Bank or processing agency. Some banks will return all the rejects in a new file, others will return the original file for reprocessing.
    3. Verifying that the LockBox records in the output file are valid according to your system. This means that you need to validate the data in the LockBox file, Check number, reference ID, dollar amounts, names etc.
    4. Verify your system G/L

    Hopefully helping,
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    Re: Lock Box Testing?

    i doubt if lock box is a type of testing... its not.


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    Re: Lock Box Testing?

    Hi dudes,

    I never heard about 'Lock Box Testing'. I want to know about it, Can any body explain this in brief.


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    Re: Lock Box Testing?

    Dudes? [img]/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

    Kittu123, if you read the whole thread, you should get a good idea of the subject.

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    Re: Lock Box Testing?

    I work for a software vendor that makes a lockbox application. As Joe the Tester points out, it's still just software. It is expected to behave in certain ways, and you will test it to reduce the risk that it won't.

    I won't give away everything, but in our solution there is a processing component where the arriving payments and documentation are scanned. Check data for propely crediting accounts could be collected with special check scanners, or might be OCR'd from images later. Testing here could focus on properly handling input data and creating the correct system artifacts.

    There is also a web client for allowing the lockbox customers to look at their payments and related documentation (invoices, etc), and resolve any exceptions. This should be a very straightforward requirements-based exercise to write a test plan.

    Other components could be examined and evaluated in a similar fashion. All in all, these types of applications in this industry tend to have risk-averse management, leading to clear requirements, limited functionality, and decent budgets for testing.

    Eric Proegler
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