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    Generic checklist for testing windows applications

    I want the generic testing checklist for VB.NET window based application which is migrated from VB6.0.Which can be useful for development and testing team.Can any one send me the generic templates or formats available

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    Re: Generic checklist for testing windows applications

    Have you done a search for them yourself? Are they not available online somewhere findable through Google?
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    Re: Generic checklist for testing windows applications

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    Re: Generic checklist for testing windows applications

    Shouldn't your checklist (or test plan) for the .NET app be the same test plan you use for your VB app?
    If this is migrated code with no changes to operability you need to verify everything works now as it did then.
    If your requirements changed from the migration then you need to make a delta test plan and test the existing and new requirements.
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